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The Cast of Twilight Saga at the Premiere of Breaking Dawn Part II.

So my mom just came home with these guys a few minutes ago…

New Moon vs Eclipse

Bella hits Paul: nothing happens.

Bella hits Jacob: it breaks her hand.

Oh the irony…

Irina had decided to come after all.

For one moment I stared at her, and she stared back. I wondered if she would
guess immediately who I was as well. I half-raised my hand, about to wave, but
her lip twisted the tiniest bit, making her face suddenly hostile.

I heard Renesmee’s cry of victory from the forest, heard Jacob’s echoing howl,
and saw Irina’s face jerk reflexively to the sound when it echoed to her a few
seconds later. Her gaze cut slightly to the right, and I knew what she was seeing.
An enormous russet werewolf, perhaps the very one who had killed her Laurent.

How long had she been watching us? Long enough to see our affectionate
exchange before, I was sure.

Her face spasmed in pain.

Instinctually, I opened my hands in front of me in an apologetic gesture. She
turned back to me, and her lip curled back over her teeth. Her jaw unlocked as
she growled.

When the faint sound reached me, she had already turned and disappeared into
the forest.


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