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“It’s not a slumber party, Bella,” Alice said, her high-pitched voice suddenly serious.  “We need to talk to you.”

“About what?  We already voted, I AM going to become a vampire.”

“No, not about that,” Esme said.  “About Jacob.”

“He’s not going to hurt me!” Bella exclaimed, stomping her foot.  “Really! You guys are so prejudiced I can’t even belie—”

“It’s not about that,” Rosalie snapped.  “And it’s not even about the stench.  It’s about how much you are hurting Edward with this mutt business.”

“I don’t want to hurt anyone!  It’s just so hard to choose!  Jacob is my best friend, my soulmate in a normal, rational world.  He would have been my future if there were no monsters and no magic and—”

“Do you even HEAR yourself?  Making it all about you.  And people say I’m the selfish bitch!”


“Well, it’s true.  Boo hoo, Bella.  You have to choose between two guys.  How awful.  How do you think Edward feels?”

“He’s already so conflicted about your relationship,” Esme agreed.  “Part of him wants you to chose Jacob, I think.  But really, Bella, you have to decide one way or another.  It’s cruel to leave both these boys hanging.”

“Alice?” Bella begged.  “Surely you’re on my side!”

“He’s my BROTHER,” Alice said.  “If you think I can be objective about this, you’re crazy.  You’re my best friend, Bella, but if you keep putting my brother through this I really don’t think we can stay friends.”


Alice convinces Jasper to try vegetarianism and join her on her search for the Cullen family.


Edward ‘died’ in 1918 when he was 17, Carlisle found him in the hospital and turned him into a vampire.  Sometime later he rebelled against Carlisle and went to kill evil humans.

Carlisle lived with the Volturi for awhile in the time of buckle shoes and frock coats and was a golden-eyed veggie vamp even then.  He is the vampire who created Edward, Esme and Rosalie (it’s never explicitly stated that he changed Emmett, I don’t think?).  Made a treaty with the Quileute wolves in ye olden days sometime.  Has been a doctor since at least 1918.

Esme was turned by Carlisle shortly after he found Edward.  That’s pretty much all we know.  No mention of her dead baby or why she was dying (she didn’t look all that sick/hurt in the flashback), although it is stated Carlisle only turns dying people.

Rosalie was from the 1930s and was going to marry Royce King but one night he and his drunk friends raped and beat her.  Carlisle found her and turned her into a vampire.  She killed her attackers.  If you watch the Eclipse deleted scenes, you also know she’s all about babies.

Emmett… we know nothing other than that he made Rosalie’s life better when she found him.  Did Rosalie turn him?  Did Carlisle?  Was he already a vampire?  If you’ve only seen the movies, you probably have no idea.

Alice… we know NOTHING about her, other than visual hints in her wardrobe and hair in BD 1 that she might be from the 1920s. 

Jasper was the youngest major in the Texas cavalry, didn’t see any real action, met Maria and her friends one night and was turned into a vampire.  Served Maria in training, controlling and disposing of her newborns for many years.  Eventually Alice pulled him out of that world, somehow.  She saw him coming in a vision, he kept her waiting.

If I hadn’t read the books, the lack of “how did they become a vampire???” info on Carlisle, Emmett and Alice would be driving me CRAZY.  That’s always my favorite part of vampire stories and if I was four movies in and still had no idea, I would not be happy.  lol.


Alice & Jasper:  Don’t we disappear in this part of the book/movie?
Esme: I think your hair is more caramel than mine, dear.
Carlisle: At least people don’t need a magnifying glass to see us this time.
Jacob: Imprinting is so awkward. *Avoids looking at the spawn*
Renesmee: Bitch I am twice the Mary Sue you will ever be.
Edward: Now, now girls, you are both VERY special snowflakes.
Rosalie: Whatever Bella my windblown hair is better than yours.  *works it*
Emmett: So do we actually get to FIGHT this time? I’m not putting up with this miracle baby shit if I don’t get to kick some ass along the way.


(Okay, even if you like Renesmee, you have to admit she is WEIRD.  But no one in the story reacts to her as if she is weird, instead they all just think she is the best thing in the world.  I don’t buy it.)

Now that Edward had taken newborn Bella hunting, the Cullens could finally relax.

“Sooooo,” Emmett drawled. “Can we talk about how freaky the kid is now that they are gone?”

“Seriously,” agreed Alice. “What is up with the long hair and teeth?”

“And she refuses formula and insists on drinking blood,” Carlisle said with a shudder as Esme linked arms with him. “What sort of life is that for a child?”

“She’s the closest thing we’ll ever have to a baby so we might as well make the best of it,” Rosalie said with a shrug.  “And I think it’s funny when she bites the dog,” she added with a snicker.

“That’s enough, Rosalie,” Carlisle lightly admonished, all his sympathy with the teenage boy who was now forever tied to … whatever it was that Bella had birthed. What kind of life is that for him?

Esme remembered the feel of her own son in her arms, his helplessness, his innocence. Bella’s daughters’ eyes were too alert, too aware. She needed an iron crib to resist her strength and she could bite through steel. She was nothing at all like a newborn baby should be.

“I am surprised how well Edward it taking it,” Jasper said. “I had expected him to be filled with self-loathing for passing on his ‘monstrous’ nature to his daughter and be worried about whether or not she had a soul, but all I am getting from him is pride and love when he looks at the thin—er, Renesmee.”

An awkward silence fell when Jasper uttered the name. No doubt Bella meant well in naming the child after Renee and Esme, but the Cullens found such unconventional naming practices bizarre and not a little declasse. Not to mention it would make it so much more difficult to blend in with humans. Names like Alice and Edward never truly seemed out of place. But a name like ‘Renesmee?’ That would forever stand out in a crowd.

Perhaps any other coven would have been thrilled by the strange little vampiric creature in their midst much like they doted on the Immortal Children of the past, but the Cullens couldn’t help but find the whole thing sad and unsettling. They longed to be human, and this child would never be human. She would never have a childhood. She would never know a life without the thirst for blood, would never be able to attend school or have friends like a normal human child. Yes, she slept and had a heartbeat, but that wasn’t what made someone human. Despite that fact that she was half human biologically, she was the least human of them all.

In the end they agreed to be as supportive of Bella and Edward as possible, and to not voice their concerns about Renesmee for fear of upsetting her crazed newborn mother or sending Edward spiraling into depression when he released what a sad, limited future awaited his daughter.

Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone are Emmett, Alice, Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie and Jasper: The Cullens

Twilight/The Host crossover | AU
Human Esme falls in love with a soul called Carlisle. But the seekers (Rose & Jasper) found out about Esme. Meanwhile, Esme’s sisters (Alice & Bella) and Edward (Bella’s boyfriend) are looking for her.

Twilight/The Host crossover | AU

Human Esme falls in love with a soul called Carlisle. But the seekers (Rose & Jasper) found out about Esme. Meanwhile, Esme’s sisters (Alice & Bella) and Edward (Bella’s boyfriend) are looking for her.


Got bored.  Edited the Cullen promos to sort of mimic the Edward/Bella/Jacob ones from a few weeks ago.  Too lazy to put the “Forever” and date on them though. lol


My personal theory is that they were trying to get the characters’ hair to be more like SM ~envisioned it in BD than in the other movies.  Doesn’t mean the hair is BETTER (or even good lol), but just more like SM imagined it.

I mean if you look at the pictures from the Guide and the drawings in the graphic novels (which are supposedly based on SM’s original visions of the characters), Carlisle always has a bit of hair hanging over his forehead.  And guess what we get in Breaking Dawn after three movies of severely slicked back hair?  Side-parted hair with a piece hanging over his forehead.  Coincidence?

Jasper’s hair in the guide and graphic novels drawings is pretty straight, but his hair in the movies has been curly.  In Breaking Dawn?  It’s straight. 

Or Alice.  A pixie cut is supposed to be really really short.  She had her hair all chopped off in the asylum.  Her hair in Twilight is cute but not what I would call a pixie cut.  Breaking Dawn Alice’s hair is much more ‘pixie’ style. 

The only one who doesn’t really fit the theory is Esme.  Her hair is very straight in Breaking Dawn rather than wavy.  The exception that proves the rule? lol

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