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Whoa! annie, Too many fandoms. clintasha is ruining my life. sometimes i pretend i'm good at making gifs/edits. feel free to say hi.


Bella’s dream:

Edward in slow-mo/car park kiss:

Jacob cockblocking:

Jasper trying to eat Bella:

Edward leaves:

Bella’s all depressed and suicidal:

Bella hanging out with Jacob:

Jacob’s a wolf:

Bella jumps off a cliff:

Alice comes back:

Edward’s back/Bella saves Edward:

Dakota Fanning is Jane:

The Volturi appears:

The Cullen’s vote yes for Bella to be a vamp:

Jacob threates Edw- …blah, blah, blah:

Edward proposes to Bella:

***End Movie***

Dakota as Jane | requested by anonymous