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How could you know that, Bella? Look at my mother, look at my sister. It’s not as easy a sacrifice as you imagine." -Edward.

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So my mom just came home with these guys a few minutes ago…

“Everything about me invites you in. My voice. My face. Even my smell.”


“Everything about me invites you in. My voice. My face. Even my smell.”


Edward ‘died’ in 1918 when he was 17, Carlisle found him in the hospital and turned him into a vampire.  Sometime later he rebelled against Carlisle and went to kill evil humans.

Carlisle lived with the Volturi for awhile in the time of buckle shoes and frock coats and was a golden-eyed veggie vamp even then.  He is the vampire who created Edward, Esme and Rosalie (it’s never explicitly stated that he changed Emmett, I don’t think?).  Made a treaty with the Quileute wolves in ye olden days sometime.  Has been a doctor since at least 1918.

Esme was turned by Carlisle shortly after he found Edward.  That’s pretty much all we know.  No mention of her dead baby or why she was dying (she didn’t look all that sick/hurt in the flashback), although it is stated Carlisle only turns dying people.

Rosalie was from the 1930s and was going to marry Royce King but one night he and his drunk friends raped and beat her.  Carlisle found her and turned her into a vampire.  She killed her attackers.  If you watch the Eclipse deleted scenes, you also know she’s all about babies.

Emmett… we know nothing other than that he made Rosalie’s life better when she found him.  Did Rosalie turn him?  Did Carlisle?  Was he already a vampire?  If you’ve only seen the movies, you probably have no idea.

Alice… we know NOTHING about her, other than visual hints in her wardrobe and hair in BD 1 that she might be from the 1920s. 

Jasper was the youngest major in the Texas cavalry, didn’t see any real action, met Maria and her friends one night and was turned into a vampire.  Served Maria in training, controlling and disposing of her newborns for many years.  Eventually Alice pulled him out of that world, somehow.  She saw him coming in a vision, he kept her waiting.

If I hadn’t read the books, the lack of “how did they become a vampire???” info on Carlisle, Emmett and Alice would be driving me CRAZY.  That’s always my favorite part of vampire stories and if I was four movies in and still had no idea, I would not be happy.  lol.



A dump, empty but for a table and chair. On the table lie THE PHOTOS that once lined Bella’s walls. Edward stands in the center of the room, stock still, staring out at the rising sun. His face is as empty and desolate as Bella’s was after he left.

A CELL PHONE on the table RINGS jarringly. He doesn’t move.  It continues. Finally, he whips the receiver to his ear, exasperated.


Wow, Edward finally answered the phone. I feel so honored…

Rosalie, on the phone, stands at the picture window —

ROSALIE’S POV - EXT. ALASKAN HOUSE - Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle and Esme walk away from the house, over the snow to the treeline, on their way to hunt. None wear coats.

I’m hanging up now…

Rosalie turns away from the window.

Wait!… You should come home.
(no response)
Esme’s a wreck, Carlisle never smiles. Even Emmett’s depressed. You’ve
really done a number on them.

EDWARD (pained)
I’m sorry. I am. But they wouldn’t be happier with me around. Trust me.

I… I just miss… us. The family.

I know. But the further away I am, the safer Bella will be. She deserves a shot at a normal life —

But see, you don’t have to worry about that, not anymore —

She stops realizing she may be making a mistake. But Edward caught it, sits up.

Why, Rose? Did something happen?

I - uh —

Tell me, Rosalie.
(rises, fierce)
Tell me! —

— Alice had a vision. She saw Bella — threw herself off a cliff… She’s dead, Edward.

Edward reels, uncomprehending.

I… don’t believe it.

Alice is there now. Thought she could help with the funeral or something.
Come home, Edward. It’s time…

She’s been disconnected. Off Rosalie, worried…

Again: how is this Rosalie’s fault?  All she was doing was telling Edward what she honestly believed was the truth.  SHE wasn’t the one who had a vision and jumped to conclusions, SHE wasn’t the one who ran off to Volterra to die in the most dramatic way possible.  She didn’t tell him to get him to kill himself, she told him because she missed him and wanted him to come home! She was being honest with her brother and yet everyone blames HER?   What was the alternative?  Did they really plan on NEVER telling Edward, the mind-reader, that Bella had died?  If Rosalie had LIED about it to get Edward home, that would be one thing, but she believed she was being honest with him when no one else would.  How is that bad?


Something about how tall and lanky he looks and this coat always makes me think of Nosferatu.  And I say that in a good way, a ‘he looks like a vampire’ way. Much prettier than Nosferatu, of course, but there’s a certain similar stiffness to the pose and the clothing:


Alice & Jasper:  Don’t we disappear in this part of the book/movie?
Esme: I think your hair is more caramel than mine, dear.
Carlisle: At least people don’t need a magnifying glass to see us this time.
Jacob: Imprinting is so awkward. *Avoids looking at the spawn*
Renesmee: Bitch I am twice the Mary Sue you will ever be.
Edward: Now, now girls, you are both VERY special snowflakes.
Rosalie: Whatever Bella my windblown hair is better than yours.  *works it*
Emmett: So do we actually get to FIGHT this time? I’m not putting up with this miracle baby shit if I don’t get to kick some ass along the way.

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