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Whoa! annie, Too many fandoms. clintasha is ruining my life. sometimes i pretend i'm good at making gifs/edits. feel free to say hi.

Is this love, Agent Romanoff?


I think if I’d seen this in my younger days, I would’ve been like “noooo, don’t fight!” Now I’m just like “YES PULL HER HAIR. BITE HIM. YES. GOOD.”


A.U. pre-Avengers [sort of] where the SHIELD agents have a favourite bar where they all hang out after work or missions: darts game (highscore owned by the Hawk), guns and lethal weapons under every table, a cocktail named after Fury (whiskey+cinnamon+orange), karaoke… And after a nth mission together where Natasha saved the life of a dozen of SHIELD members, Clint and the few grams of alcohol in his blood pay a vibrant tribute to her, the other agents considering now Nat’ as a real member of the agency and no more as an ex-KGB spy.

btw, thanks to Bex :)

Who had to put the most money in Mackenzie’s swear jar? (x)

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