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Whoa! annie, Too many fandoms. clintasha is ruining my life. sometimes i pretend i'm good at making gifs/edits. feel free to say hi.

There is no force on earth, more powerful than the will to live | The Host (x)


The battle for your world has ended. Has begun.


The Host is SUCH A GOOD BOOK. Why is Stephanie Meyer not well-known for this instead of Twilight?? If you’ve ever said Stephanie Meyer can’t write just because of Twilight, you should read this. You can’t even tell it’s the same author. This is a truly beautifully written piece of sci-fi. Wanderer and Melanie are both such strong characters and the dystopian society / post-apocalyptic world they live in is incredibly well thought out (not to mention the descriptions of the other worlds and their inhabitants, seriously, those parts blow my mind). It’s full of drama and emotion and sci-fi elements and reflection on human nature and it’s all just SO GOOD.

i feel like i annoy everyone in here

lol wait, is that kate and… garrett?? I SHIP THEM ALREADY!!!

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