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So my mom just came home with these guys a few minutes ago…


Alice & Jasper:  Don’t we disappear in this part of the book/movie?
Esme: I think your hair is more caramel than mine, dear.
Carlisle: At least people don’t need a magnifying glass to see us this time.
Jacob: Imprinting is so awkward. *Avoids looking at the spawn*
Renesmee: Bitch I am twice the Mary Sue you will ever be.
Edward: Now, now girls, you are both VERY special snowflakes.
Rosalie: Whatever Bella my windblown hair is better than yours.  *works it*
Emmett: So do we actually get to FIGHT this time? I’m not putting up with this miracle baby shit if I don’t get to kick some ass along the way.



I was watching ‘Breaking Dawn - Part 1’ today and I don’t know if it’s just me, but seriously. Jacob should NOT have imprinted on Renesmee. I don’t think he should have imprinted at all, let alone on an immortal; it goes against every character trait he has. Personally, I think he should have ended up with Leah. You see the two of them grow closer as the story goes on, their temperaments match each other in a strange way, and they would have been so great; helping each other get over the people they were in love with by having each other. It makes me kind of mad, because I actually feel so sorry for the character of Leah. Her story is sad and just as you get attached to her in the book, she almost disappears, and Jacob ends up with Renesmee. I’m a Jacob-Leah shipper, completely. Damn you Stephenie Meyer -_-

New Moon vs Eclipse

Bella hits Paul: nothing happens.

Bella hits Jacob: it breaks her hand.

Oh the irony…

Goodbye, Jacob, my brother… my son.

Edward Cullen, Breaking Dawn


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~The Cullen-Black Wedding, Part 2~

a wolfpire!!! asdjhkadjhsdhfgda 

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